Bassin the Burbs Kayak Bass Tournament

Schaumburg, IL, IL
June 23rd 6:00 am - June 23rd 1:00 pm Central, 2019 • 1 Day Tourney
The Kayak Bass League in conjunction with local Bassin' the Burbs fishing group will be hosting a bass fishing tournament on June 23rd at Busse Woods in Illinois.  We want to use this as an opportunity for new kayak anglers to get their feet wet with tournament fishing while also allowing anglers that have never been in a kayak to compete out on the water.   If the tournament is not your thing there is an opportunity to demo different kayak brands after the event.

Release of Liability Waiver: In order to participate in this event you must fill out a release of liability waiver before the start date of the event.  Please use the link below and fill it out.  Make sure to check the box at the end so you receive a copy of the waiver in case we need to verify that you completed it.

Date:  06/23/2019

Location:  Busse Woods (Main Pool) in Schaumburg, IL

**South Pool and North Pool off limits for the tournament**

Maximum # of Anglers:  35

Entry Fee:  $30 ($25 for tournament pot and $5 for big bass)

**100% of entry fees will be paid out to the winners**

** 3 places plus big bass will be paid out for the event**

Check-In Time:  5:00 AM to 5:45 AM @ the main ramp

Start Fishing Time:  6:00 AM (lines in the water)

End Fishing Time:  1:00 PM (lines out of the water)

Fish Limit: 3 Fish...must be 12" or larger

Fish Submission Cutoff / Check-in:  1:30 @ the main ramp  (must check in with the KBL staff or you will be disqualified)

**If you are having trouble submitting fish pictures please get with a staff member before 1:30 PM**

General Rules:

1) PFD (personal floatation device) must be worn at all times while out on the water.  If you are found without it on you will be disqualified from the event.

2) This event follows a strict catch, photo and release policy.   Once the fish is caught the fish must be photographed immediately and released immediately.  Any anglers found in possession of fish during the event will be disqualified.

3)  Every fish must be measured on either a Ketch Products bump board, Hawg Trough bump board or Fish Stik bump board.  No other boards will be allowed.  Hawg Troughs and Fish Stiks should have the measurement lines darkened with a black sharpie.  If they are not the final measurement is up to the discretion of the KBL staff.

4)  Fish must be hooked, landed and measured from your kayak.  If you do any of the three outside of your kayak the fish will be disqualified. 

5)  The head of the fish must be facing to your left with the belly of the fish facing towards you and the tail facing to your right.  Any other orientation will result in a fish disqualification.

6) The wristband identifier must be in view in every fish picture.  If the wrist band is missing the fish picture will be disqualified.

7)  The mouth of the fish can be open or closed as long as the nose of the fish is touching the upright or 0" line of the bump board.  If a fish's nose is not touching the upright then the fish will be disqualified.

8)  You cannot completely cover the mouth, eye or tail of the fish.  If any are covered the fish will be disqualified.

9)  If a fish picture is too blurry to accurately judge, then the fish will be disqualified.

10)  Each individual fish length is scored by the longest portion of the fish’s tail that touches or surpasses a 0.25" measurement line. Touching is defined as meeting or crossing the plane of the measurement line so that no visible gap is present between the tail and measurement mark.

11) Fish is restrained to the bump board by any other means except for the angler's hands (i.e. forearm, foot, etc) will result in a fish disqualification.

12) Items still attached to the fish while on the bump board (i.e. fish grips, cull tags, clips, stringers, fishing line, lures, hooks, straps, bungees, tape, and other similar items) will result in a fish disqualification.

13) If an angler uses the gill plate of the fish as a means of restraint (i.e. shoving hand or fingers underneath the gill plate) it will result in a fish disqualification.

14) If the fish appears to be mutilated, mangled or dead without further visual evidence of the fish being alive (separate picture, release video) the fish will be disqualified.

15) No live bait

16) No trolling

17) Can only fish with one rod and one reel at a time

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David Brooke
TourneyX David BrookeD. Brooke
TourneyX Mike CantleyM. Cantley
John CarrollJ. Carroll
Benjamin Cordova
Benjamin CordovaB. Cordova
Bill Cox
TourneyX Bill CoxB. Cox
Calvin Dee
Calvin DeeC. Dee
Matthew DesJardins
Matthew DesJardinsM. DesJardins
Titus Dominguez
Titus DominguezT. Dominguez
Brandon Eastridge
Brandon EastridgeB. Eastridge
Mike Jotzat
Mike JotzatM. Jotzat
Collin Lamkin
Collin LamkinC. Lamkin
George Lobb
George LobbG. Lobb
Matthew Loftus
Matthew LoftusM. Loftus
Michael Loftus
Michael LoftusM. Loftus
Joe Majchrowski
Joe MajchrowskiJ. Majchrowski
Shannon McNelis
TourneyX Shannon McNelisS. McNelis
Glenn Miller
TourneyX Glenn MillerG. Miller
TourneyX Horatiu MoldovanH. Moldovan
Scott Shafer
Scott ShaferS. Shafer
Kevin Swan
Kevin SwanK. Swan
Violetta Talley
Violetta TalleyV. Talley
Robert Weskamp
TourneyX Robert WeskampR. Weskamp
Marco WiedenbeckM. Wiedenbeck
Jake WiedenbeckJ. Wiedenbeck