Battle for the Border

Orange, TX
January 25th 7:00 am - January 25th 4:00 pm Central, 2020 • 1 Day Tourney
Upper Coast Kayak Anglers and Lake Charles Kayak Fishing Club are joining together for a little friendly weekend competition!

-2 day individual kayak only tournament
- Day One (12/14)- 3 longest bass (CPR TourneyX app)
- Day Two (12/15)- 2 heaviest slot redfish (Live Weigh in)
-$75 entry fee
-$25 side pot ( Longest bass & heavy red )
- artificial baits only
-Launch @ 6am both days
-Lines in 7am both days
-Lines out 3pm both days
-Fish submitted by 4pm on TourneyX app on day 1 to qualify
-Live weigh-in 3-4pm in day 2 at boat ramp

Simmons Boat Launch

Winners will be determined off a point system to collaborate both days.

100% payout to 10% of the field
Total number of points from the Top 5 anglers from each state win bragging rights and Trophy

All anglers must sign-up through tourneyX, by signing up for this event you will automatically entered for both days!

More details to be found at

Battle For The Border -- RULE ADDENDUM & DETAILS 

1. This is going to be a 2-day Individual Kayak Fishing Tournament. 

2. This will be a Kayak ONLY event. NO motors will be allowed. 

3. Fish Limits For Each Angler: Day 1 (Saturday) – 3 longest bass (10” minimum). Catch-Photo-Release (CPR) format utilizing the Tourney X app. CPR Criteria is shown on Tourney X app under “Rules” and “Terms & Conditions”. Measuring devices allowed for Day 1 are as follows: Hawg Trough, Ketch Boards, and Yak Gear Fish Stik. Fish pics must be uploaded to Tourney X app by 4:00pm to qualify. Day 2 (Sunday) – 2 heaviest slot redfish (20” min – 28” max). NOTE: Only ONE fish can be over 27” length. Day 2 will feature a live weigh-in at the Simmons Dr public boat ramp in Orange, TX. 

4. Overall winners will be determined using a points system to collaborate both days. Payouts will be based on # of entries. 

5. Trophy and bragging rights are on the line. Top 5 finishers from each state (TX vs LA) that compile the best 2-day total points will be matched up against one another to determine the Battle For The Border Champions. Points are based on total bass lengths rounded down to the nearest ¼”. Redfish stringer weights as shown on scale in hundredths of pound, are then rounded to nearest ‘ounces' for points ONLY. Stringer placements are by actual scale weights. 

6. Weigh-Ins will be held on Sunday @ Simmons Dr public boat ramp in Orange, TX from 3:00pm - 4:00pm. This will be a live fish weigh-in. There will be no bonus awarded for live fish. There will be no penalty for dead fish. All anglers submitting fish must be in line at the registration table BEFORE 4:00pm each day to qualify and to receive the weigh-in slip for the scales. 

7. Entry fee will be $77.00. Payout breakdown will be as follows: $45 to main pot, $25 to side pots ($12.50/each category), $5 to Tourney X, $2 PayPal fee. 

8. Anglers may register for tournament on Tourney X website ( NO entries allowed on tournament day. 

9. Fishing Times will be as follows: 7am - 3:00pm....You may launch your vessel at 6am but NO lines may enter the water before 7am on either day. All fishing on Day 1 must cease @ 3:00pm and may not begin again until 7am on Day 2. 

10. Frozen, mutilated, or inedible fish will not be accepted for weigh-in. Fish must be in fresh and edible condition in accordance with tournament standards. Violations of any federal or state laws will result in team disqualification. Unsportsmanlike behavior is grounds for disqualification. 

11. All entrants MUST register at designated check-in table by 4:00pm on Day 2 located at the weigh-in area to receive their Weigh-In Slip before weighing in any fish. Official Time shall be a angler's ‘Weigh-In' time that fish are recorded at the scales. 

12. Method of Measurement: Weigh Master will utilize a ‘V'-style slanted Check-It Stik. Weigh Master will utilize a “Perfect Pincher” slid to within 1” of the max slot limit. If an entered fish exceeds the allowable limits, only that fish will be Disqualified and will not affect the rest of the Angler's stringer weight. NOTE: The measuring stick has a ‘slight' slant only. 

13. Weigh Master reserves the right to retain any fish for further inspection, if deemed necessary. 

14. All final decisions on eligibility and acceptance of a stringer will be at the Weigh Master and Tournament Director's discretion. All decisions of Tournament Director pertaining to this event are final. In the event of a dispute, Tournament liability shall be limited to the return of entry fees paid only. 

15. Overall tourney stringer tie-break on Day 2 will be the longest bass stringer. If still a tie, then the heaviest redfish stringer will be determined winner. For Day 1 only, the longest bass' earliest time stamp will break ties. 

16. Side pot buy-in is included with your entry fee (See #7) and enters you into BOTH side pot categories. Side pot categories are Big Bass & Heaviest Redfish. Side pot tiebreakers are as follows: Big Bass – Time stamp of longest fish, Heaviest Redfish – Earliest weigh-in time 

17. Species of fish: Bass (10” minimum) , Redfish must be between 20"-28" (1 over 27” ONLY) 

18. ALL PUBLICLY ACCESSIBLE TX/LA WATERS ARE IN PLAY. Anglers can fish any publicly accessible waters in TX or LA but must launch from an area accessible to the general public. No private launches! You may launch in LA if you choose to do so but MUST follow all legal limits as posted. 

19. There are no boundaries for this event. All anglers may launch and fish Texas or Louisiana waters. If an angler receives a legal citation for any reason, that team will be disqualified from this event. 

20. No 'mothershipping' will be allowed. All entrants MUST launch their own vessel. Wading will be permitted but anglers must remain within 100 yards of their vessel. If an angler chooses to wade out, they must wear their PFD at all times (See other PFD rules below). 

21. Texas AND Louisiana waters are allowed. All state, federal, and Texas Parks & Wildlife Regulations shall always apply. Tournament fishing is limited to public waters. 

22. Artificial only. No live bait and no tandem rigs! Using them will result in disqualification of the tournament. All fish shall be taken by rod & reel only, or a pole and line, and during tournament hours only. Only (1ea) rod and reel may be used at a time per angler. Trolling as a method of fishing will be allowed. 

23. U.S. Coast Guard Approved PFD's shall be worn as follows: Kayak Division MUST be worn at all times while on the water during Tournament hours. 

24. In the event of an emergency, competitors should call 911 first and then notify the Tournament Director. 

25. There shall be NO consumption of alcoholic beverages while operating a motor vessel OR during tournament hours while competing. 

26. Tournament anglers will be subject to a Polygraph Examination (lie detector test). 

27. All protests MUST be submitted in writing along with $200 CASH MONEY before the scales close @ 4:00pm on either day of competition. The protest will be heard, and a decision made by Tournament Directors AFTER the scales close on the respective day. If the protest is upheld, the money ($200) will be refunded, otherwise it will be entered into Tournament proceeds. 

28. All participants are expected to remain courteous and respectful when entering fishing areas of other anglers. No fishing will be allowed within 50 yards of another angler. If an angler is waved in by another, then ANY tournament participant will be allowed to access and fish the same waters. 

29. The tournament committee reserves the right to postpone and/or cancel this event at any time, if there is a safety concern. Once the tournament starts, it will constitute a tournament. All attempts will be made to reschedule should it be canceled. 

30. Upper Coast Kayak Anglers, Lake Charles Kayak Fishing Club, Tournament Sponsors, Hosts, Entrants, and/or Volunteers are not liable for any accidents, loss or injuries. All anglers fish at their own risk. 

31. Tournament Director(s) retain the right to refuse entry to any registered participant. 

32. Designated Tournament Director(s) for this event will be announced at a later date

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