Battle of the Rivers

Galax, VA
June 15th 6:00 am - June 16th 8:00 pm Eastern, 2019 • Multi-Day Tournament

Well here it is folks,

2 great fisheries, 1 great tournament that is guaranteed to yield some absolute monster bronze. We pair the New River located in Virginia and West Virginia to go toe-2-toe with the mighty Susquehanna River in Pennsylvania in a special 2-day online tournament.

   We will follow all KBF rules and guidelines for this event: . Eligible states for the New River are as follows : West Virginia, Virginia, and North Carolina. Eligible states for the Susquehanna River are as follows: Pennsylvania, New York, and Maryland. 

This is the first time we have this style event posted and if the results are good, we will make this an annual event. All photo submissions must meet the photo standard criteria, cheating in any state, form, or fashion will NOT be tolerated.  

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