Be My Bass Tournament 1st Annual

February 14th 6:00 am - February 14th 11:59 pm Eastern, 2019 • 1 Day Tourney
Hello Anglers,

Welcome to my 1st Valentine's Day Bass Tournament, last year I wanted to make this Tournament, I regretted not doing it cause this is definitely a deserving day for a Tournament, but I've designed it this year. Thank you for reading, now go get that special Valentine Bass.


Large and Small mouth Bass

Tournament Style:

Length Tournament

(Note: Tournament Boards, Measuring Tapes, Kayak Paddles with measuring ruler on them, and Tailoring Measuring Tape accepted (Tailoring Measuring Tape that is draped loosely will be disqualified, and 2 disqualification will disqualify the Angle.)).



(Note: For the most part this is a CPR Tournament (Catch, Photo, and Release), only keep if you hooked in a way you know it'll die, or if you need it. I'll never design a Tournament where it will leave someone hungry.)

Entry Fee: $40.00

Cash Prize Pot: +$25.00 per Angler

Fees: $15.00 per Angler

Rules and Regulations:

•The Notes are also part of the Rules and Regulations.

•Balcony (If you are that lucky to Live or Vacation that close to the water, Bank, Boat, Canoe, Couch (Only if its legal, Still wondering about the time someone asked), Kayak, and Pier are allowed, but like I said if legal.

•Identifer most be in the photo, you can write it on something, or on your hand, but if you write it on hand bring marker with you in case it comes off. Any Submission without Indentifer will be disqualified.

•Mouth should be closed, slightly open is acceptable, but anything more than a .5" a penalty of -.25" will be given.

TourneyX nor I are liable for your action, or the actions of others, so please be SAFE, and RESPONSIBLE. Please follow all State, City, and County Rules and Regulations that are plus  there might be.

Tight Lines and Safe Waters,

Richard Yates

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