Crappie Slabn-Thanksgiving Week-6 days- 15 fish limit

November 23rd 6:00 am - November 28th 6:00 pm 2020,  Central • Custom

By registering for this tournament, you agree to read and abide by rules and conditions.

**All entry fees are nonrefundable and final**


  • Identifier Availability: 4am (central)
  • 15 fish limit
  • No minimum length 
  • Any legal baits- artificial, live/dead
  • All anglers must follow all State, City, fishing, boating, and CDC regulations in their area.

    ·       Fishing allowed on any public body of water. No private ponds, private lakes, nor fisheries allowed.

    ·       Boat, kayak, or Bank

    ·       Rod and reel only.

    ·       Daily Fishing Times: Lines In 6:00a (central) / Lines out 6:00p (central). Fish not accepted if not in time slot.

    ·       Crappie must appear to be alive and not damaged. No severely pale fish nor “reddish” stressed fish.

    ·       CPR -Since this is a catch-photo-release style tourney, there is no minimum lengths BUT your mearing board MUST be equipped to measure all lengths or fish will be denied.

    ·       Measurement: Any solid measuring board with bump fence and recommended to be equipped to measure in 1/4” increments. If not measurements judged by full inches. Tape measures allowed. Measurement will be rounded down past the nearest mark. Any portion of the tail extended off the board is not considered in scoring. Jaw must be touching fence and closed. Crappie EZ Checkers not allowed.  1/2" penalty for slightly opened mouth. Half to full open will be denied. 

    ·       If judge cannot verify jaw is touching, fish will be denied. Photo must be free of debris and board must be occasionally cleaned for proper reading.

    ·       And absolutely no transferring of fish.

    ·       Length Tie breaker: Big crappie will be tie breaker. If it so happens there is still a tie, then earliest fish caught first will break the tie.

    ·       IDentifier: Must be in picture or fish will be denied.  Can be written on hand. If card is used, it must not obstruct measurement or fish will be denied. Must be legible. If judge cannot verify identifier, fish WILL be denied. 

    ·       Photo: Photo MUST clear. IT IS ANGLER's RESPONSIBILITY on phone service.

    ·       Fish MUST face left with left eye visible. Hands should not be by mouth nor holding tail pinched. Hand MUST be on midpoint of body.

    ·       Photo must be submitted in area caught same day.

    ·       Judge can deny any fish if rules not followed. Angler will be disqualified after 3 penalties. All judge decisions must be respected.

    ·       Fishing code of HONOR applies!

    ·       Follow all CDC rules. 6ft apart. Face mask when social distancing is not possible.



    Fees: $5/entry goes to Tourney X.  $1.03/entry to PayPal $3.00/entry to Director

         2 angler minimum (if min not met refund will be issued)

        2-5 entries= winner take all                   

        6-10 entries= 1st- 70%     2nd-30%

      11-16 entries= 1st=55%   2nd= 20%   3rd= 15%  4th-10% 

             17+- a new prize place for every 6 entries.

    No Submissions To Show