Sheldon, TX
December 15th 6:30 am - December 15th 3:00 pm Central, 2018 • 1 Day Tourney

The 1st Annual Dirty H Fishing Team Toys & Toads Charity Tournament!

This event will be held at Sheldon Reservoir in Houston, TX. To enter the event, simply sign up on TourneyX and bring 2 new unwrapped toys to the Captains Meeting (December 15 at 6:00am located at the North Parking Lot/Garrett Road. 

Top 3 anglers will win special sponsor prizes. All anglers will be entered into free raffles with the chance to win sponsor prize packs! 

First cast approx. 7:30am, off the water by 3:00pm. Event wrap-up will be held at the same location as the Captains Meeting. 

This is a kayak only tournament, kayaks with electric trolling motors are allowed for this event. 

Please contact us on Facebook (Dirty H Fishing Team or Southeast Texas Kayak Bass League) if you have any questions.

Official Rules:

Make sure your "Location" function  is turned on on your phone when you're taking pictures. 



MAKE SURE FISHES MOUTH IS CLOSED, HAND AWAY FROM TAIL. Please follow this rule to avoid any deductions or denials of submissions. 

Sponsor Prizes to top 3.

1. This is a CPR bass tournament. Catch, Photo, & Release!

2. All bass entries will be submitted on your TourneyX App.

3. Your rank is based on the top 5 biggest bass you submit. You can submit as many bass as you want up until 3:0p pm CT on 12/15/18. Keep upgrading your fish and the top 5 biggest will be judged.

4. Bass will be measured in terms of inches, not weight.

5. All species of black bass are allowed to be submitted (largemouth, smallmouth, spotted, guadalupe, redeye, shoal, etc.)

6. You will need to provide your own measuring device. Hawg Trough, Ketch Products Board, YakGear FishStik are the approved measuring boards. Be sure to mark your lines with a Sharpie if necessary.

7. You will be given an identifier and identifier code at the Captains Meeting. 

8. All bass must be submitted to the nearest 1/4”. If your fish is almost 20 3/4” but is not quite touching the 3/4” mark, your fish will be rounded down to 20 1/2”

9. The fish needs to be measured from left to right. Starting from the mouth on the left and ending with the tail on the right. This eliminates people being able to flip the bass around and submit the fish twice.  Dorsal fin must be up. Please make sure your fish pictures are clear. Make sure we can see some of the mouth and the beginning of the measuring device. Completely covering the fish face will result in a DQ of the fish. 

10. Make sure the mouth on your bass is completely closed. 1" will be deducted if mouth is determined to be open. This is at the discretion of the Tournament Director. Remove hook before taking photo, any hook left in mouth will result in a 1" deduction as well.

10a. Keep your hand away from the tail when taking the photo. If your hand appears to be touching the tail, a 1/2" deduction will be assessed. 

11. The final results will be determined and announced at the completion of the tournament. 

12. Minimum fish length is 12".

13. Ties will be broken by biggest bass caught. Ties for the Big Bass Side Pot will be broken by second biggest bass amongst the competitors tied. 

14. Do not borrow someone else's catch for a photo.

If it has been determined and/or proof has been established that you have cheated in any way, you will be DQ'd from the current tournament and be banned from any online/monthly or live tournaments going forward.

Take your time and be patient when taking photos. This will ensure you get a good picture and help you avoid any deductions. 

If you wish to protest the results or any catches of other competitors, please do so no later than 48 hours from the time the results are announced.

Acceptable photos below

The Tournament is currently OFFLINE pending Final Results.

Contact Tournament Director