Fallen Outdoors Kayak Anglers Season Finale

September 1st 6:30 am - September 30th 5:00 pm Central, 2020 • Custom

Fallen Outdoors Kayak Anglers Season Finale


Sep 1st 6:30 am - Sep 30th 4:00 pm Central, 2020

General Rules:   https://www.kayakbassfishing.com/kbf-rules-standards/

This is a FOKA monthly online event

All competitors must honor all rules and regulations set forth by FOKA as well as the state in which they fish.

Registrant affirms that he has read, understands, and as a condition of participation in any FOKA event agrees to abide by FOKA competition rules. Please make sure and read all the rules before signing up.

FOKA Season Finale Event Information:

Tournament Director (Mike Unruh)

Assistant Judges (Jeremy Mitchell) (Aaron Sims)

Begins Tuesday September 1st and runs through Wednesday, September 30th, 2020

Time 6:30 am Sep 1st - 4:00 pm Sep 30th (central)

Last Fish Submissions by 5:00 pm (central)

Registration deadline is September 10th, 10pm (central)

Fish submissions before registration and payment will NOT be accepted!

Public Waters ONLY. 

PLEASE NOTE: Official LAUNCH, FIRST CAST & LINES OUT times will be announced at Captain's meeting.

MANDATORY Captains Meeting will be August 31st 8pm Live on the Fallen Outdoors Kayak Anglers page.  Those who cannot view that evening may watch the posted view and further details on this will be given during meeting to acknowledge you have attended.

This will be the Season Finale event.  Anglers must have downloaded Tourney X Pro.  Registration will be done via Tourney X.  Anglers may start registration as soon as the link is provide and final registrations must be submitted by Sep 10th, 10PM Central Time.  This is a normal 5 fish limit (black bass) using CPR method.  Anglers must fish out of approved vessels listed below.  Wade fishing is authorized, however, fish submissions must be done in kayak.  This tournament is open to any angler in any state.  This tournament is only open to PUBLIC WATER.  Anglers will Catch, Picture, Release as many fish as they please, as the auto-cull feature will be active.  The angler's top 5 fish in length will be their overall score.  Ensure the fish is facing left with dorsal fin to the top.  Mouth must be closed.  Deductions will be given for mouths open more than ¼ inch.  Ensure the complete fence is visible in the pictures.  Ensure the unique ID is visible and readable in every photo submission.  Anglers must not cover the eye of the fish.  Anglers must be wearing a PFD during FOKA events.  The PFD must be used as directed.  Anglers must launch and take out from Public Access.           

Registration and Photo submissions are done through TourneyX.

Watercraft acceptable for use are:
*The manufacturer identifies and sells as a kayak, including inflatable kayaks and modular kayaks
*Stand-up paddleboards (SUP)
*Trolling motors are authorized

This will be a benefit tournament therefore no cash payout.  Prizes for 1st, 2nd, and Big Bass will be trophies.  Once judging is complete and a double check has been done, a live awards ceremony will take place on the Fallen Outdoors Kayak Anglers Facebook page (TBD).  Winners will be notified via phone, email, and or Fb.  Winners will have prizes shipped to their address.

Unique identifier will be released August 31st, 10:00 pm
Entry Fee: $30
Big Bass: $10
Registration Deadline for this event will be Sep 10th, 10pm

Rules:  We will adopt the KBF rules for this event and can be found at https://www.kayakbassfishing.com/kbf-rules-standards/ 

All local and state rules and regulations apply

For questions contact Mike at mike.unruh@thefallenoutdoors.com or (808) 347-1815.


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The Tournament is currently OFFLINE pending Final Results.