GRBY IL Series (Mazonia) #1

Braceville, IL
June 25th 5:00 am - June 29th 4:00 pm Central, 2020 • Multi-Single Day

Lake: Mazonia SFWA

Date: June 25-29th.  This is a max of 10 per day tournament and the angler can choose to sign up to fish Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Monday. You can on pick on day, plan accordingly!


Entries are limited to 10 per day.  Do not sign up for a day if it has 10 angler's registered for it already.


Time: Lines in at 6:00 am  Lines out at 3:00 pm.  The identifier will be released at 5 am.  You have until 4 PM to get your fish uploaded.  No exception. 

Entry Fee: $33 ($5 big bass, $2 PayPal fee and $5 TourneyX fee included)


Launch:  All public access locations for the lake are allowed. 


Fish Limit: 5 Black Bass


Size Limit: 12” min. length


* Black Bass (Largemouth, Smallmouth, Kentucky Spotted Bass, etc)


Scoring: This is a CPR event. (Catch,Photo,Release)  Each fish must be photographed on a Ketch Board measuring devise following KBF rules.  The picture must be uploaded to TourneyX for judging before the end of the tournament.  The fish will be judged by length to the ¼” mark per KBF standards. 

 Identifier: Use A KBF Identifier. Write personal code in any box. Code will be available at the start of your tourney day. 

Tie Breakers: Tie breakers will be based on longest bass.  If the longest bass are the same, we will go to the next longest bass until we determine ranking.

Payout: 1 spot paid for every 10 participants  

Refunds: No refunds after signing up. This is a first come first serve tournament.  If foul weather is in play on the day you sign up, please pick your safety over this competition.

Waiver: All competitors must sign a liability waiver to participate in any GRBY tournament.


Please contact the Tournament Director or Admin with any questions.

Daily Big Fish

Jun 25th, 2020
Sean Leheney
Sean LeheneyS. LeheneyHanover Park, IL
Jun 27th, 2020
David Brooke
David BrookeD. BrookeGardner, IL
Jun 28th, 2020
Duke Weskamp
Duke WeskampD. WeskampArlington Heights, IL
Jun 29th, 2020
John Diniz
John DinizJ. DinizMonticello, IL