Hobie BOS - Lake Erie

May 16th 6:00 am - May 17th 6:00 pm Eastern, 2020 • Multi-Day Tournament
The Hobie Bass Open Series is a national kayak fishing tournament series that provides a platform for anglers to compete in an elite 2-day event in one of several locations across the USA targeting bass. Anglers fish for large cash payouts, sponsored prizes, Hobie Fishing Worlds spots and angler of the year points which all culminate at the Tournament of Champions at the end of the season where 50 anglers battle it out for large cash payouts! Events are open to any angler aged 16 years or older and all brands of kayaks are welcome. Aside from the competition, each Hobie Bass Open Series event is fun and the comradery between anglers is part of what makes our community great. We encourage you to come out and fish with us and we hope to see YOU on top of the winners podium this year.

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Anglers: 9
Fish Caught: 0
RkAnglerFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5Total
Randy Collins
TourneyX Randy CollinsR. Collins
Brian Delahunty
TourneyX Brian DelahuntyB. Delahunty
Duane Doroba
TourneyX Duane DorobaD. Doroba
Katherine Field
TourneyX Katherine FieldK. Field
Chad Foster
Chad FosterC. Foster
Ryan Havlicek
TourneyX Ryan HavlicekR. Havlicek
Ed McDonald
TourneyX Ed McDonaldE. McDonald
Brian Noel
TourneyX Brian NoelB. Noel
Shawn Perkins
Shawn PerkinsS. Perkins
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