Hobie BOS - Tournament of Champions

Knoxville, TN
November 14th 7:00 am - November 15th 4:30 pm 2020,  Eastern • Multi-Day Tournament

The most prestigious Championship in Competitive Kayak Fishing comes to Knoxville, TN.  50 Anglers from all over the country have earned their opportunity to fish in this exclusive event. The Top Ten placing anglers will be paid out a minimum of $60,000 in cash and the top placing angler will earn a spot on Team USA for the 10th Hobie Fishing Worlds. A large championship class fishery with unlimited options for our anglers is going to produce an amazing show as the kayak fishing world watches and a new Grand Champion is crowned. 

Only the 50 qualified anglers will be eligible to enter this event.

Boundaries: The Holston River below Lake Cherokee dam. The French- Broad River below Douglas Lake will begin the eligible waters. Anglers must launch from public access or ramps. Wading and/ or portaging is not legal. River conditions can fluctuate drastically each day.  Please exercise extreme caution and awareness on these flows.

These rivers come together just outside Knoxville creating the Tennessee River and the first lake on the famous chain.  Anglers can launch at any public access or ramp on Lake Ft. Loudon. The boundary will be Ft. Loudon Dam. Connected by a canal near the dam is Lake Tellico. Anglers can launch at any public access or ramp on Lake Tellico, for reference this is also labeled on google maps as Little Tennessee River. The Chilhowee Dam is the physical boundary in the river. The Fairview Boat ramp will be considered a Launch boundary up the Tellico River arm.  Anglers CAN'T launch up -stream from this ramp, but they are allowed to fish above it.

As with all our events this year, anglers must launch at a public access or ramp. If an angler can pedal or paddle through an area it is legal.  If they can't that is considered a boundary. Portaging is illegal. Wading is illegal.

Event Headquarters: Farragut Community Center; 239 Jamestowne Blvd Suite 201, Knoxville, TN 37934

Anglers will be given a specific agenda and all COVID safety protocols for the weekend in their direct mailings from the Tournament Director.  Please understand these things are subject to change. Below are the posted tournament times.

Oct 24th- Communication with or hiring a guide on tournament waters is now off-limits.

Nov 9th- Official Practice period begins.  Anglers must be using tournament legal vessels. Motors are legal for practice only.

Nov 13th- Pre-fishing ends at 4pm.

              Championship welcome dinner and check-in will begin at 6 pm

Nov 14th- Day 1 of Competition

-          First Launch 630am

-          First Cast 7am

-          Fishing ends 3pm

-          Submission Deadline 4pm

-          Championship Dinner will begin at 6pm

Nov 15th- Final Day of Competition

              - First Launch 630am

              - First Cast 7am

              - Fishing ends 3pm

              - Submission Deadline 4pm

              - Championship Finale Dinner will begin at 5pm

              - Live awards will begin at 6pm. 

Anglers: 50
Fish Caught: 437
RkAnglerDay 1Day 2Total
Ryan Lambert
TourneyX Ryan LambertR. Lambert
Day 1: 95"Day 2: 91.25"
Jordan Marshall
TourneyX Jordan MarshallJ. Marshall
Day 1: 91"Day 2: 84.5"
Kristine Fischer
TourneyX Kristine FischerK. Fischer
Day 1: 94"Day 2: 78"
Coley McGowan
Coley McGowanC. McGowan
Day 1: 83.25"Day 2: 82.75"
Joseph Sanderson
Joseph SandersonJ. Sanderson
Day 1: 84"Day 2: 79.5"
Ron Champion
TourneyX Ron ChampionR. Champion
Day 1: 79.25"Day 2: 81"
Drew Gregory
TourneyX Drew GregoryD. Gregory
Day 1: 78.5"Day 2: 81"
Brandon Prince
TourneyX Brandon PrinceB. Prince
Day 1: 75.75"Day 2: 82.75"
Cole Kleffman
Cole KleffmanC. Kleffman
Day 1: 77.5"Day 2: 76.5"
Jason Broach
TourneyX Jason BroachJ. Broach
Day 1: 74.5"Day 2: 78.25"
Garrett Morgan
TourneyX Garrett MorganG. Morgan
Day 1: 80.5"Day 2: 72"
Jaxton Orr
TourneyX Jaxton OrrJ. Orr
Day 1: 80.5"Day 2: 71.75"
Brady Storrs
Brady StorrsB. Storrs
Day 1: 74"Day 2: 77.25"
Joshua Sharp
TourneyX Joshua SharpJ. Sharp
Day 1: 81.5"Day 2: 68"
Jake Harshman
TourneyX Jake HarshmanJ. Harshman
Day 1: 76.25"Day 2: 73"
Jason Isaacs
TourneyX Jason IsaacsJ. Isaacs
Day 1: 71.75"Day 2: 73.25"
Daniel Balaba
Daniel BalabaD. Balaba
Day 1: 72.25"Day 2: 71.25"
Mark Davis
TourneyX Mark DavisM. Davis
Day 1: 69.25"Day 2: 72.75"
Bryan Howell
TourneyX Bryan HowellB. Howell
Day 1: 66"Day 2: 75.25"
Lance Coley
TourneyX Lance ColeyL. Coley
Day 1: 92.5"Day 2: 48.25"
Matthew Scotch
Matthew ScotchM. Scotch
Day 1: 72.25"Day 2: 68"
Justin Patrick
Justin PatrickJ. Patrick
Day 1: 80.5"Day 2: 56.5"
Guillermo Gonzalez
TourneyX Guillermo GonzalezG. Gonzalez
Day 1: 77"Day 2: 56"
Nick Matthews
TourneyX Nick MatthewsN. Matthews
Day 1: 51.5"Day 2: 74.75"
Pua Yang
Pua YangP. Yang
Day 1: 75.75"Day 2: 44.5"

Daily Big Fish

Nov 14th, 2020
Ryan Lambert
TourneyX Ryan LambertR. LambertChattanooga, TN
Nov 15th, 2020
Cole Kleffman
Cole KleffmanC. Kleffmanseymour, IN