Jaxton Orr's 2nd Annual KATCH (and release) Charity Tournament

September 13th 6:00 am - September 15th 7:00 pm Central, 2019 • Custom

Jaxton Orr's 2nd Annual KATCH (and release) Charity Tournament

K.A.T.C.H.:  Kayak Anglers Together Can Help

***No Tournament Capacity!***

When: September 13th, 14th and 15th (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday)

Times: Friday 6:00 a.m. to Sunday 7:00 p.m. (Times will be all in CENTRAL TIME).

Entry Fee:  $20.00 (Will eventually be donated to a charity.)

Pay Out/Rewards: The anglers that place in the top ten percent of the field will be rewarded the opportunity to choose a charity where their (money) winnings will go. In lieu of receiving prize money, each placing angler will receive a prize package consisting of products received from tournament sponsors. Big bass overall will also receive a prize package donated from the tournament sponsors.

Acceptable Fish: All black bass species! 

Minimal Size: Bass must be 12.00 inches to measure and submit to TourneyX.

Legal Boards for measuring fish: The board must be a bump board that consists of ¼ inches increments.

5 Fish Limit!: Top 5 bass you catch will count over the whole course of the tournament!!

Rod Count: Only one rod may be in use at a time.

Eligible Waters: All PUBLIC Lakes and Rivers are allowed to be fished in this tournament in ALL states.

Allowed Vessels: All boats that do not have a gas or battery powered engine, (No trolling motors, torqeedos, motors, etc).

Picture Format: Fish must be facing left, mouth touching the end of the bump board CLOSED with identifier visible in the picture. (Contact Jaxton Orr if you have any questions or do not understand this concept!)

Is live bait allowed? No, live bait is not allowed, artificial only.


Fish mouth opened slightly- 1/4 inch deduction.

Fish mouth opened a lot- ½ to disqualification of fish penalty.

Identifier!!!!: The 4 digit code must be somewhere in your picture! It doesn't matter if it is written on a piece of paper, on your hand, on a KBF identifier, or if you want to print out and use the identifier that is provided for you on TourneyX! 

The 4 Digit Code is: JY19

Instead of the top finishers receiving money, they will have the opportunity to choose any charity their (money) winnings will go to (in their name)!

Pay-Out Percentages Based on 100 Anglers

1st Place - 33.00%

2nd Place - 17.25%

3rd Place - 10.75%

4th Place - 8.25%

5th Place - 6.25%

6th Place - 5.00%

7th Place - 3.75%

8th Place - 3.25%

9th Place - 3.00%

10th Place - 2.75%

11th Place - 2.50%

12th  Place - 2.25%

13th Place - 2.00%

The Tournament is currently OFFLINE pending Final Results.