KANSAS Statewide Big Fish Series - Crappie

August 1st 6:00 am - August 31st 8:00 pm Central, 2020 • Custom
Anglers will have the entire month of August, 6AM August 1st to 8PM August 31st to hunt down the longest Crappie they can from a public body of water in Kansas. NO private ponds, streams, or rivers. Fish must be caught legally using only rod and reel. 

Fish lengths will be submitted through the TourneyX app. Fish photos must be taken on an approved measuring board, facing left with the dorsal fin at the top of the photo and anal fin at the bottom. Please see full rules for complete submission guidelines. 

In the event of a tie, the length of the next largest culled fish for each tied angler will be used to determine a winner. In the event that neither angler has culled fish or each fish is identical in length (and not via sharing/cheating) the angler which caught their largest fish earliest will win. 

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