KANSAS Statewide Crappie Scramble #5

September 12th 6:00 am - September 18th 8:00 pm Central, 2020 • Custom
An online tournament for crappie anglers fishing public waters in Kansas. This is open to all manners of fishermen whether you have a fancy boat equipped with Livescope, you paddle a kayak, or you're a bank fishermen, the fact of the matter is you like to catch crappie. And we all know Kansas has plenty of big crappie to go around. 

This is a one week, sunrise  Saturday to sunset Friday, tournament. Anglers must fish public waters, no private ponds/streams.  The person with the longest total length of  10 fish wins. Please read the rules as there is a correct and incorrect way to measure and submit your fish.

Payout is dependent on the number of entries but the lowest payout will at least win their money back (i.e, no one will be winning less than they put in).

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Dawson Johnson
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