KBAM-Monthly October

October 1st 6:00 am - October 30th 6:00 pm Eastern, 2019 • Custom
Kayak  Bass Anglers of Maine Online Only Event.

This is for paid KBAM members only.  Send an email to kayakbassanglersofmaine@gmail to sign up.  $30 year membership fee (50% off membership dues to Veterans and First Responders.)

These events are open the first of every month May to October and close the 30th of each month.  This is best 5 fish caught in any two consecutive days of your choice.  There is no way to set up in TourneyX, the tournament director will deny any fish submitted outside the 48 hour window once you submit your first fish.  Be aware all fish pictures are times stamped the moment you take the picture.   Please read the event addendum and ask questions before signing up.  There are no refunds.

We are a KBF partner and follow KBF rules and standards.  KBF membership is not required.

Kayak Bass Anglers of Maine


The only acceptable measuring devices are Hawg Troughs or Ketch Boards.

We are a KBF partner and follow KBF rules and standards. This addendum is for our ONLINE ONLY series.

Must be a paid KBAM member in order to participate. Send an email to kayakbassanglersofmaine@gmail.com to sign up. $30 yearly membership, 50% discount on membership only to Veterans and First Responders with verification.

These events will cost $25 per angler per event and pay out as follows:

$6 to admin (TourneyX and Paypal fees)

$9 to the lunker/big bass pot

$10 to the prize pot

multiplied by the numbers of anglers who pay to participate. Prize pot will be paid out based on number of paid entries.

10 or less paid anglers pays out First and Lunker

11 to20 paid anglers pays out 70% to First and 30% to Second, Lunker

21 to 30 paid anglers pays out 50% to First, 30% to Second, 20% to Third, Lunker

These events will be held every month May through September or October. Each month will be a separate event with separate entry fees. There is no minimum requirement, fish as many as you choose. These will not count towards Angler of the Year (AOY) points or any other prizes unless specifically listed for that month.

These events will be set up as month long events in TourneyX. You pick which 2 days you want to fish. The tournament director (TD) will deny any fish with a time stamp more than 48 hours outside your initial submission. At the end of the month, the scoreboard will be revealed, all submissions judged and payouts made within 48 hours via Paypal.

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The Tournament is currently OFFLINE pending Final Results.