Knot Again Fishing Tournament

Farmville, VA
May 22nd 7:00 am - May 22nd 2:00 pm 2021,  Eastern • 1 Day Tourney

May 22nd 7:00 am – May 22nd 2:00 pm 2021, Eastern • 1 Day Tourney

The Farmville Lions Club and Rotary Club are proud to announce The "Knot Again" fishing tournament on May 22nd 2021. If you think you have what it takes you could walk away with some top CASH payouts, prizes, and bragging rights! We will be adding interested sponsors as we approach the date.

Fishing Location: Sandy River Reservoir


Participation is open to anyone that is 18 years of age or older. If you are under 18 years of age you must be fishing with consenting adult(s).

- Boats may enter the water at 6:30am

- Lines-in at 7:00am

- Lines-out at 2:00pm

- Check-in is by 3:00 pm (late submissions are not counted)

 General Rules:

1. $40.00 per person ($10.00 optional for Big Bass.  $10.00 optional for Big Crappie).

2. $70.00 per team of two entry.

3. Kayaks, Canoes, and other small boats with electric motors will be allowed

(No gas-powered motors).

4.  5 Fish Limit.

5.  Species: Black Bass (Largemouth/Smallmouth)

 4. No fish are to be kept on stringers.

 5. Any one fish can only be submitted once.

 6. If fishing in the same boat with someone, you MUST net your own fish.

 7. Follow all state rules and regulations.

 8. Artificial lures only.

 9. All competitors must have a valid fishing license for Virginia and are responsible for their own launch fees, access fees, passes, etc.

10. Coast Guard Approved PFD's are required and must be worn in this event (Note: If you are floating a canoe, a throw cushion is required as well).

11. Fishing from the land is not allowed.

12. Competitors must launch from the boat ramp.

 Catch-Photo-Release Format:

1 Identifier must be visible in the photograph.

2. Any phone or camera device will work.

3. Any bump board is legal as long as the measurements are not altered and they are legible.  Pictures must be captured in the CPR (Catch, Photo, Release) style.

4. The length in inches of 5 total fish Bass.

 Photo Criteria:

 1. Each fish photo must include all of the following:

 a. The whole fish tip to tail.

 b. Fish must be measured in a natural position.

 c. Fish must be left side and belly down if not the fish will be Disqualified.

 d. Assigned identifier must be visible in the photo or the fish will be Disqualified.

 e. One overhead photo shot only (not at an angle).

 f. Fish must be clear (head to tail cannot be obstructed in photo) or the fish will be Disqualified.

g. The identifier must be in view of photo but NOT placed on the fish in the photo or the fish will be Disqualified.

h. Photos must be clear and not blurry. 

I. The mouth must be closed and the tail must be natural. Penalty 1" deduction.


Each competitor will be provided a unique identifier for the event. Your 5 longest verified lengths will be totaled for your score. The individual with the highest total score is the individual winner. Those who register as a team with the highest total score is the team winner. It is possible to win both the individual and team. Next highest score will place second, and so on. Payouts will go to a 1st Place individual total and 1st Place team total (Rounding down to the nearest 1/4in).  Prizes will be awarded thereafter and are based on prizes provided by sponsors.


 1. Competitor photos will be reviewed and scored by Tournament Directors.

 2. Photos that do not meet the requirements as provided will not count.

 3. Winners will be declared and prizes/awards will be announced by the directors.

4. Winners will be contacted by the Tournament Directors.

Identifier: The unique identification code will be posted on May 21st at 7pm on this event page.


 In the event of a TIE, the following criteria will decide the winner.

 a. Biggest fish

 b. 2nd biggest fish

 c. 3rd biggest fish


 1. Inclement weather may delay or reschedule, or cancel the event. It will be determined by the Director the day before the tournament

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