Maine Yak Anglers - Little Ossipee Pond

Acton, ME
August 24th 7:00 am - August 24th 2:00 pm Eastern, 2019 • 1 Day Tourney
Our Eighth Event is at Little Ossipee Pond in Waterboro, Maine

You must have password in order to register for the event.  This is to ensure members have 1st registration opportunities.  

Message/email me for password.

The Launch is on Route 5, on the Southwest side of the Pond.  If you use Google Maps it shows up as a kayak launch. 

Must be at the launch at least 1 hour prior to the event, and on the water, ready to fish, at least 15 minutes prior to the event.

Each event is capped at 25.  First to pay, first to fish.   If we have reached the cap, and have not paid, you will be removed in order to to free up room for others

Registration is open to Members only, until 2 weeks prior to event, then is open to non-members - email/message me if you are a non-member wishing to compete.

Event cost is $50

$50 sent via Paypal (friends and family) to, or message/text me to set up paying at the ramp ahead of time. 

Everyone must be registered, and paid in full, within 3 days of the tournament. 

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Anglers: 12
Fish Caught: 0
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Bobby Brown
Bobby BrownB. Brown
Dan DavisD. Davis
james engle
TourneyX James EngleJ. Engle
Jason Gardner
TourneyX Jason GardnerJ. Gardner
Jordan Hanscom
Jordan HanscomJ. Hanscom
Thomas Jent
TourneyX Thomas JentT. Jent
Stefan Kozak
TourneyX Stefan KozakS. Kozak
Brian McIntyre
TourneyX Brian McIntyreB. McIntyre
Brady OuelletteB. Ouellette
Adam Rourke
TourneyX Adam RourkeA. Rourke
TourneyX Jared SteeleJ. Steele
Brian Volkernick
Brian VolkernickB. Volkernick
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