Memorial Weekend Carp

May 22nd 5:00 pm - May 25th 11:59 pm Eastern, 2020 • Multi-Day Tournament
Memorial Day Weekend Carp Tournament 

$45 entry Fee per angler. Tournament will start Friday May 22nd at 5:00 pm and will end on Monday May 25th at midnight $40 of each entry will go to the pot $5 will go to Tournament fees the identifer will be released friday may 22nd at 5:00pm identifer must be in pic with fish 

**this is a paylake or wildwater tournament **

**fish will be measured with a standerd 60inch tailors tape**

**one point per inch**

**a maximum of 5 fish per day can be submitted** 

**tailors tape must be layed acrossed the middle of fish starting at the mouth to the end of the tail** 

**bank fishing only**

**catch photo release**

**absolutely no bow fishing** 

**This is a winner take all contest** 

No Submissions To Show