MoYak Stockton Lake

Stockton, MO
July 20th 5:30 am - July 20th 4:00 pm Central, 2019 • 1 Day Tourney
Roadrunner style event. Public launch only

First launch time 5am. Must have 360 visibility light.

First cast at 5:30am.

 Lines out at 3pm. 

Check in and photo submission deadline is 4pm. 

Check in and awards ceremony will be at the BAIT SHOP. 15680 s Hwy 39 Stockton, Mo 65785

Food and drinks will be served to all the anglers at the awards.

MoYak membership is required to compete. To join go to

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Anglers: 4
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Steve Bryant
TourneyX Steve BryantS. Bryant
Dorman Hughey
Dorman HugheyD. Hughey
Richard Laughery
Richard LaugheryR. Laughery
Floyd lee
TourneyX Floyd LeeF. Lee
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