NIPSFA 2020 Big Bass Tournament

January 2nd 11:00 pm - November 1st 1:59 am Central, 2020 • Custom

NIPSFA 2020 Big Bass Tournament. To qualify you must meet the following requirements:

  • The fish has to have been caught on hook and line
  • The fish has to have been caught in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota
  • Public water only!!
  • The length of the fish has to have been measured using the appropriate measuring device per tourney rules and regulations - Ketch Board or Hawg Trough only.
  • Fisherman should have registered for the tournament at least 23 hours prior to the catch of the fish.
  •  The fish must be released, alive, immediately.
  • Standard KBF photo, measurement, and identification rules apply.
  • Tournament is winner take all. Please keep measurements for all large fish, the tournament committee may opt to purchase a replica mount of the largest fish of the year as part of the winning purse.

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    Ryan Boswell
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