NOLA Renegades Baseball Fundraiser Tournament

September 12th 12:00 pm - November 1st 11:59 pm Central, 2020 • Custom

NOLA Renegades Baseball Fundraiser Tournament



·       All anglers must follow all State, City, Lake, and CDC regulations in their area

·       No fish will be accepted if photo is submitted before or after daily tourney times

·       Best 10 fish - Total length

·       CPR -Since this is a catch-photo-release style tourney, there is no minimum

·       Measurement: Any solid measuring board with bump fence and recommended to be equipped to measure in 1/4” increments. Measurement will be rounded down past the nearest mark. Jaw must be touching fence and closed. If judge cannot verify jaw is touching, fish may be denied or a 1” penalty will be applied. Photo must be free of debris and board must be cleaned frequently for proper measurement reading.  If fish is bigger than measuring board a tape measure may be used but only if against a flat solid surface (similar to the bump fence on a measuring board.

·       And absolutely no transferring of fish.

·       Length Tie breaker:  If there is still a tie, then earliest fish caught first will break the tie.

·       ID Card: Must be in picture or fish will be denied. Card must not obstruct measurement or fish will be denied. Must be legible. ID maybe written on hand if needed.  If judge cannot verify identifier, fish WILL be denied.

·       Photo: Photo MUST be clear and board measurements must be legible to read or fish will be denied. IT IS ANGLER's RESPONSIBILITY on phone service.

·        Fish MUST face left with left eye visible. Hands should not be by mouth nor holding tail pinched. Hand MUST be on midpoint of body.

·       Judge can deny any fish if rules not followed. Angler will be disqualified after 3 penalties. All judge decisions must be respected.


·        1st – Rod & Reel combo (approx.. $180 value)

          2nd – Tackle Bag (approx. $50 value)

          3rd - $25 Amazon Gift Card

Prizes will be awarded once 15 or more anglers enter.

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