NSKA NWA - Bella Vista

Bella Vista, AR
June 29th 4:00 pm - June 29th 11:59 pm Central, 2019 • 1 Day Tourney

Natural State Kayak Anglers Northwest Arkansas Series

$30 entry covers Tourneyx fee, big bass, and tournament entry.

Bella Vista Lakes are in play for this one.

YOU WILL NEED A POA pass and they will be available for purchase at the captains meeting. You can also buy them from any ranger you see while pre fishing if you need something more convenient. 

The event is an evening/night event! You will need at minimum a 360 light or lantern for the final 3 hours of the event.  


Captains Meeting and sign in will be at:

Ozark Kayak

3700 NW Wishing Springs Drive

Bentonville, AR 72712


Length in and Awards:


Tanyard Creek Pavilion located at


98 Tanyard Dr, Bella Vista, AR 72715


Check in will start at 2:00 PM for POA permits and sign in. 

Captains meeting: June 29th approx. 3:00 PM


First cast: 4:00 PM

Last photo Submission: 11:59 AM

Check in: 12:30 AM

Results approx. 1:00 AM


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Anglers: 12
Fish Caught: 0
RkAnglerFish 1Fish 2Fish 3Fish 4Fish 5Total
Maverick Blair
TourneyX Maverick BlairM. Blair
Bill Campbell
TourneyX Bill CampbellB. Campbell
John EvansJ. Evans
James Haeberle
TourneyX James HaeberleJ. Haeberle
Patricia Henderson
TourneyX Patricia HendersonP. Henderson
Shannon Jernigan
Shannon JerniganS. Jernigan
Kyle Long
TourneyX Kyle LongK. Long
Ryan Paskiewicz
TourneyX Ryan PaskiewiczR. Paskiewicz
Michael Sandlin
TourneyX Michael SandlinM. Sandlin
Kevin Tadda
TourneyX Kevin TaddaK. Tadda
Jeriamy Vann
TourneyX Jeriamy VannJ. Vann
Chad Warford
TourneyX Chad WarfordC. Warford
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