NYKBF- Irondequoit Bay -2019

Rochester, NY
August 24th 6:30 am - August 24th 2:00 pm Eastern, 2019 • 1 Day Tourney
Live event for 2019 One day "in-person" tournament.

Catch Photo Release (CPR) Format

90% pay out! 

Captains Meeting location: TBD

Three longest bass 

6am - Captains meeting

6:30am - first cast

2pm - last submission

2:30pm - deadline for check in

Big bass entries will be accepted the morning of the tournament. It is a $10 buy in per person.

Boundaries- main bay and all inlets up until the first impassable barrier. North launch Boundary will be the END of the break wall into Lake Ontario 

Entries will be accepted until 6:00 am day of tournament 

Identifiers will be handed out at the captains meeting 

KBF Rules Enforced - PLUS-

The Hawg Trough/Ketch Board are the only authorized measuring boards for the NYKBF Series.

Pedal and Paddle are the only permitted vessels. No motors permitted. 

***Special exceptions for disabled anglers will be authorized pending approval from tournament director.***

*times subject to change based on sunrise*


$40 for nonmembers 

$30 for members! 

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