NYKBF- Little Sodus Bay-2019

Fair Haven, NY
July 13th 6:30 am - July 13th 2:00 pm Eastern, 2019 • 1 Day Tourney
Live event for 2019 One day "in-person" tournament.

Catch Photo Release (CPR) Format

90% pay out! 

Captains Meeting location: TBD

Three longest bass 

6am - Captains meeting

6:30am - first cast

2pm - last submission

2:30pm - deadline for check in

Big bass entries will be accepted the morning of the tournament. It is a $10 buy in per person.

Boundaries- Little Sodus Bay, main waterway and all inlets up until the first impassable barrier, north boundary will be the END of the break wall into Lake Ontario.  

Entries will be accepted until 6:00 am day of tournament 

Identifiers will be handed out at the captains meeting 

KBF Rules Enforced - PLUS-

The Hawg Trough/Ketch Board are the only authorized measuring boards for the NYKBF Series.

Pedal and Paddle are the only permitted vessels. No motors permitted. 

***Special exceptions for disabled anglers will be authorized pending approval from tournament director.***

*times subject to change based on sunrise*


$40 for nonmembers 

$30 for members! 

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