OKBT 2020 Rondeau Bay

Erieau, Ontario
August 15th 6:00 am - August 15th 3:00 pm Eastern, 2020 • 1 Day Tourney

LOCATION: Rondeau Bay

DATE: Saturday Aug 15, 2020

START TIME: 6:00am (launch and fishing)

END TIME: 3:00pm (last photo accepted)

CHECK-IN TIME: By 4:00pm. Check in is  mandatory.

FEE: $70

FORMAT: 5 bass limit (smallmouth and largemouth) – longest 5 combined length – 12” minimum length

RULES: See OKBT Rules for reference

SCORING: Tourney X 

PAYOUTS: 100% payout to top 5 & Big Bass award (after tournament expenses)

Below is a brief outline, but full copies of the rules can be found on Tourney X as well as the Ontario Kayak Bass Trail Facebook page.  Please read the rules and be familiar with the rules.  Not knowing the rules is not an excuse. 

• 5 bass limit (smallmouth and largemouth) – minimum length 12”
• All fish to be submitted through Tourney X for verification and scoring.
• Identifiers will be released prior to the event.
• The Hawg Trough and Ketch Board are the accepted measuring devices. No exceptions
• All submitted photos to follow the required guidelines outlined in the rules.  Any photo not following the requirements will be subject to a deduction or is disallowed.
• Pre-fishing is permitted until 6pm the day before the event.
• Only kayaks with a sit-in or SOT configuration and pedal or paddle powered permitted. 
• PFD (lifejacket) MUST be worn at ALL times while on the water. NO exceptions.   Violators will be immediately disqualified if spotted not wearing a PFD.
• Participants can head to their launch destination but may not begin fishing until official  start time. ABSOLUTELY NO LINES IN THE WATER UNTIL OFFICIAL START TIME. 
• ONLY artificial baits/lures/flies and hand-tied flies will be permitted. 
• NO live or dead bait may be used. 
• 1 rods/lines in the water at anytime.
• These events will be considered road runner events unless otherwise stated on the  event specific information page on Facebook. 
• Boats may be launched at any legal and public launch site on the boundary waters   unless stated otherwise in the event specific information.  Some suggested launch  locations will be posted on event page as well as linked on Tourney X
• Launching is not permitted from private launches or areas that require crossing private   property to access. Launch must be available to all competitors whether free or pay   launches.
• ALL competitors MUST check in after the event. Failure to check in will result   in disqualification. This is a safety issue as we need to know that all competitors are off   the water and safe.

Please note: Your registration indicates your acceptance of the Liability Release Form. Anglers under the age of 18 must download the "2020 Liability Release Form and submit the form, signed by a Parent/Guardian, prior to the start of the tournament.

Launch Map

Rules Addendum

Event time: 6am - 3pm

Launching will be allowed prior to 6am. Once launched you can travel to start location and wait for 6am. ABSOLUTELY no lines in the water until 6am.
- This will allow less congestion and congregating at ramps and maintain the social distancing recommendation.

Launching will also be allowed from any location ( public or private) within the event boundaries as shown on the event map.
- Will permit access spots and less chance of congestion at ramps and maintain the social distancing recommendation..

. Lake Erie is in play BUT launching in Bay only You can access the lake from the Bay.

Prior to event, you must CHECK IN to the event from with the Tourney X app. After the event you must then CHECK OUT from the event within the app. Failure to do so will result in a DQ
- Will permit organizers to verify who is on and off the water.

Best Practices

** At launch facilities, set up your kayak at you vehicle (if possible) and then take to launch. DO NOT block launch area while you are setting up.

** DO NOT gather and socialize at ramps. Set up and launch to clear the area

**Wear a mask, buff or some kind of mouth and nose covering at launch areas ( if possible)

**DO NOT assist with set ups of other anglers equipment.
Maintain a 2m/6ft distance from other anglers on and off the water.
Upon finishing the day, remove kayak from the water and move from the ramp area to your vehicle for tear down.
DO NOT hang out and socialize.

Please make sure you understand the rule changes and feel free to contact if you need any clarification.

Thank you for your support and let's make this another great event

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Jason Bade
TourneyX Jason BadeJ. Bade
Rick Beauchamp
TourneyX Rick BeauchampR. Beauchamp
Adam Blackmore
Adam BlackmoreA. Blackmore
Michael Blumhagen
Michael BlumhagenM. Blumhagen
Andrew Bowman
Andrew BowmanA. Bowman
Thomas Boyington
Thomas BoyingtonT. Boyington
Paul Buchan
TourneyX Paul BuchanP. Buchan
Chris Dadswell
TourneyX Chris DadswellC. Dadswell
John Dean
TourneyX John DeanJ. Dean
Shane Fernandez
TourneyX Shane FernandezS. Fernandez
Dwayne Gillis
Dwayne GillisD. Gillis
Mike Hockey
Mike HockeyM. Hockey
Brittney Hockey
Brittney HockeyB. Hockey
Matt Lacasse
Matt LacasseM. Lacasse
Owen Matthews
Owen MatthewsO. Matthews
Darren McGuire
Darren McGuireD. McGuire
JP MorandJ. Morand
Bryan Morrow
Bryan MorrowB. Morrow
Scott Niven
Scott NivenS. Niven
Richard Ofner
TourneyX Richard OfnerR. Ofner
Dave Poole
Dave PooleD. Poole
Karen Poole
Karen PooleK. Poole
Kevin Powell
Kevin PowellK. Powell
Derek Raine
Derek RaineD. Raine
John Ricciardi
John RicciardiJ. Ricciardi
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