One Day 9th

September 15th 7:00 am - September 15th 11:59 pm Eastern, 2018 • 1 Day Tourney

Hello everyone,

This is a 5 Black Bass limit tournament, $15.00 goes to the pot, with the other $15.00 going to fees and a bonus prize, and this is a length tournament.

Pot and prize:

1 to 9 anglers= only 1st place pot,

10 to 15 anglers= 1st and 2nd place

1st wins 75% and 2nd wins 25% of the pot,

16 to 25 anglers= 1st thru 3rd place

1st wins 50%,  2nd wins 35%, and 3rd wins 15% of the pot.

25+ anglers opens a bonus prize of$25.00 for biggest Black Bass, in case of a tie on the biggest Black Bass one angler will be randomly picked, and notified.

50+ anglers= 1st thru 5th place

1st wins 40%, 2nd wins 25%, 3rd wins 15%, 4th and 5th win 10% each of the pot, and that is it for places.

Rules and penalties:

Identifiers must be visible in the picture you can write it on cardboard or hand just make it noticable, or the submission is disqualified.

You can fish bank, boat, canoe, kayak, and UFO as long as it's a legal method for the waters you are fishing in.

Respect for the land, water, and people around you is a given.

This is a CPR tournament (Catch, Photo, and Release.

Also remember to be safe and follow all laws when fishing. We are not responsible for any accidents, tickets, or misc happens.

Tournament boards recommended, but will accept normal and fish tape measure.

Photo of Black Bass must be clear with Black Bass head to the left of the photo.

1/2 inch penalties will be given for drape measuring, if using tape measure put Black Bass on top, or measure tape on side, 

1/4 inch penalties for open mouth.

Good luck and tight lines everyone.

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