Perch (Yellow Perch) 3rd

January 12th 5:00 am - January 12th 10:59 pm Eastern, 2019 • 1 Day Tourney

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I made this a Yellow Perch Derby. I don't usually do these, but wanted to branch out, and see if anyone was interested. Here are the details it's a best of 10 Yellow Perch, it's Length not weight

Entry Dues: $25.00

$15.00 goes into the Cash Prize Pot,

And $10.00 goes fees+.


• Indentifer most be present in picture, or the fish is disqualified.

• The fish's mouth most be closed, or a deduction of a .25" will be giving.

• Tournament Boards are recommended, but aren't necessary. I accept Tape Measures, and Tailor Tape, but with Tailor Tape must measure using both hands no draping, or fish will be disqualified.

• You can fish on Bank, Dock Pier, or wherever fishing is legal in your area.

• You can fish in a Boat, Canoe, Dingy, or Rocketship as long as it's legal for the water your on.

• Remember to follow all Fishing Laws and have all the documents needed in your area.

• Be Safe and Respectful

Tourneyx nor I are responsible for you in any way. So that is why I encourage safe, cause your safety is important.

Thank you and tight lines,

Richard Yates

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