Pikin' with MLO!

September 8th 4:00 am - September 14th 11:00 pm Mountain, 2020 • Custom

Pike tournament!   Sept. 8th 4AM - Sept. Sept 14th 11PM.    2 Person Teams

We will payout for Longest, Shortest, and Best Bag(5 fish bag).

Prizes will be paid out by PAYPAL within 6 calendar days AFTER the tournament has ended.  All fees (minus expenses) will be paid pack to prize winners.

Your 4 digit identifier code needs to be in every picture you submit on the TourneyX app or on the TourneyX.com website.  Also, make sure to get this picture with the hook/lure still in its mouth (BEFORE THE LURE IS REMOVED).

Make sure to get a good measuring device.  Preferably, something that has a well regulated standard, like a tape measure.  

Always follow the laws for the body of water you are fishing, and clean up after yourselves.

Most importantly HAVE FUN!  Lets build a great community!

The Tournament is currently OFFLINE pending Final Results.