PWC and Microskiff CPR Tournament 2019

May 25th 6:00 am - July 28th 8:00 pm Central, 2019 • Custom

PWC and Microskiff CPR Tournament 2019

CPR stands for Catch, Photo, Release. In our CPR tournaments, length rather than weight is the basis for scoring of each competitor’s catch. Basically, one catches a bass, lays it on a Hawg Trough or Ketch measuring board, and takes a photo using a smart phone. The photo is then uploaded using the TourneyX app or placed in the TourneyX app livewell to be uploaded later or directly to the leaderboard. The fish is dropped back in the water, unharmed, after having been photographed.



Each competitor is required to fish from a PWC or Microskiff and have submissions of from from the watercraft.

PWC’s are Personal Water Craft also commonly known as Jet Skis, Waverunners, and Sea doo’s.

A Micro skiff is a flats skiff or polling skiff less then 18 feet and 30hp or less.

Each Competitor must only catch fish within the region designated from the Tournament in which they participate in and submit an entry fee.

 Entry fees will be $5.50 paid via paypal through the TourneyX registration.  TourneyX charges $5 per entrant for the tournament.  The remaining fee will cover Paypal fees.

Competitors must have a valid fishing permit or license for the state in which they are competing.  The competitor must follow all boating and fishing laws that applicable to them.

Any Competitor who desires to compete in a Tournament is required to join the Tournament and pay the entry fee prior to the start of the Tournament.

 Any Competitor who wishes to cancel their participation in a Tournament may do so at any time before the start of the Tournament.  Once a Tournament has begun you are considered as a Competitor for the Tournament.


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