Round 1 - SETXKBL - Lake Fayette

Fayetteville, TX
January 12th 6:15 am - January 12th 3:00 pm Central, 2019 • 1 Day Tourney

The first stop of our inaugural season kicks off at Lake Fayette! 

Gate will be opened around 5:30am CST. There is a park entrance fee. There are plenty of cabins, shelters, and camp sites available! Visit the LCRA Parks page for reservation info. You are allowed to prep and dock your kayak prior to the Captain's Meeting.

Captain's Meeting will be at the Oak Thicket Park Pavilion at 6:15am CST. Please bring your measuring board and PFD with you. Make sure your lines are clearly marked on your measuring boards. We will provide you with the tournament identifier card and code. There is no need to write down your TourneyX code.

On the water time will be directly after the Captain's Meeting, we'll do our best to make it short and sweet. PFD must be worn at all times, 360 Light is required per TPWD Laws & Regulations. You can launch from either park. Final photo submissions must be in BY 3:00pm CST. You must check in at the weigh-in by 4:15pm CST. Weigh-In will be held at same place as Captain's Meeting.

Visit for complete list of rules and regulations or look under the Rules & Regulations tab on the TourneyX tournament page.

Please bring a signed copy of the Waiver Release Form - You can find this under the Terms/Conditions tab on the TourneyX tournament page or on our website. We will have these forms on site if you do not have access to a printer. 

To qualify for the Championship tournament, you must be entered in the AOY Points Series. See Rules & Standards  Form for details.

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