Shoe On The Other Foot - Multi Species Tournament 6th

December 22nd 6:00 am - December 22nd 11:59 pm Eastern, 2018 • 1 Day Tourney
Shoe On The Other Foot has noticed changing in the catch pattern in different areas nationwide, and has decided to test out a Multi Species Tournament. So hopefully you enjoy this tournament 

Target list:

5 Bass (Largemouth and Smallmouth (CPR))

5 Crappie

5 Sunfish

During a Catch Pattern Change everything seems to be biting when you are just trying to catch your PB, so to help the anglers out in the tournament this was the best decision.


$40.00 total

Break down is $25.00 for winners pot, $15.00 for fees plus.


2 to 9 anglers only 1st place pays out,

10 to 14 anglers 1st and 2nd place pays out,

15 to 19 anglers 1st thru 3rd place pays out,

25+ anglers 1st thru 5th pays out.


(Picture is from one of my tournaments submitted by an angler that had won the tournament this picture was taken in.)

•Bass are Catch, Photo, and Release in this     Tournament. Crappie and Sunfish are               okay to keep as long as it's for food.

•Identifer as shown in above picture must.         be visible, and correct, I don't mind if you        only use the indentifer I give, but if the           indentifer is shown the fish is disqualified.

   Identifier can be written on anything               including you hand

•Fish mouth most be closed as shown in           picture, if very slightly open it's fine, but         open will be .25" penalty.

•Tournament Board preferred, but Tape           Measure is allowed. Also if you are using       Fabric Ruler draping loosely is a .50"                 penalty so make sure to get a accurate             measurement.

•Fishing Banks, Boats, Docks, or wherever     respect the other Anglers and                               Surrounding Areas. I have the Best                     Anglers fishing my tournaments so I know     I don't have to worry about that.



I Know you all will, but we are not reliable for any incidents that may happen. So I want y'all to be safe, and enjoy the Tournament.

Thank you and tight lines,

Richard Yates

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