Shoe On The Other Foot - Prize Tournament

September 28th 6:00 am - September 29th 10:59 pm Eastern, 2018 • Custom

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Hello everyone,

This is a 5 limit Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass Prize Tournament.

Fee: $20.00


These prizes are from 4 of my Teams I fish for, I purchase these items from them as a way to go to the extra mile, and it's also a great way to give great prizes to the winners.

First up is the 1/8oz Finesse Kit and 1/4oz Pocket Pack from Woo! Tungsten.

Second we have the Fleabag 110 topwater in Bone Shad, and Rip Knocker Lipless Crankbait in my favorite color Blue Gill from Jenko Fishing.

Third we have the Finesse Worm in Watermelon Red, and the 5" Wiki Worm in Purple Magic from Cranked Fishing.

Fourth we the Crazy Craw in Bammer Hammer, 6" Big Stick in Junebug Blue Tip,10" Curly Tail in Junebug, and Kickin' Frog in Blackout which is becoming my color favorite in the Kickin' Frogs from Bruiser Baits.

Prize Package:

1st Place: Chooses 1 pack of Woo! Tungsten, 1 Jenko Fishing lure, and 2 packs of soft plastics from Bruiser Baits and Cranked Fishing.

2nd Place: 1 pack of Woo! Tungsten, 1 Jenko Fishing lure, and choice of 1 pack of remaining soft plastics from Bruiser Baits and Cranked Fishing.

3rd Place: 3 packs of soft plastics.

Prize Spots:

2 to 4 anglers= 1st place only

5 to 8 anglers= 2nd place opens

9 to 12 anglers= 3rd place opens

Rules and penalties:

Identifiers must be visible in the picture you can write it on cardboard or hand just make it noticable, or the submission is disqualified.

You can fish bank, boat, canoe, kayak, and UFO as long as it's a legal method for the waters you are fishing in.

Respect for the land, water, and people around you is a given.

This is a CPR tournament (Catch, Photo, and Release.

Also remember to be safe and follow all laws when fishing. We are not responsible for any accidents, tickets, or misc happens.

Tournament boards recommended, but will accept normal and fish tape measure.

Photo of Black Bass must be clear with Black Bass head to the left of the photo.

1/2 inch penalties will be given for drape measuring, if using tape measure put Black Bass on top, or measure tape on side, 

1/4 inch penalties for open mouth.

Good luck and tight lines everyone.

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