SOAZ Yak Winter Tournament

Ft. Huachuca, AZ
December 1st 12:01 am - February 29th 11:59 pm Mountain, 2020 • Custom
Southern Arizona Kayak Anglers would like to invite you to participate in our SOAZYAK Winter Tournament. It will be a three month long tournament, the rules are as follows: 1. $50.00 entry fee ($5.00 to TourneyX & $1.00 to PayPal). 2. Payout is for 1st & 2nd place (70%/30%). 3. Your five longest bass caught at any of our Southern AZ Lakes: Arivaca, Parker Canyon, Patagonia, Pena Blanca, or Roper Lake. 4. Fish must be caught from any man-powered vessel. 5. The following KBF Rules apply: #2, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, & 16 ( 6. If fish's mouth is not closed all the way, a 1/2" penalty will be applied. 7. Ensure an approved hawg trough is used for measuring your fish (…/ACK8737P.html). 8. Ensure your phone's GPS is on, this will allow TourneyX app to read the EXIF data on your photos. If fishing from a location without cellphone reception, log your fish first chance you get. 9. DO NOT EDIT YOUR PHOTO, it deletes the EXIF data and will result in a DQ'd photo. 9. Use of the TourneyX app is required. 10. All fish must be caught during the tournament window and must be uploaded as soon as possible but no later than midnight of end of tournament. 11. Tournament period: 20191201 @0001 HRS through 20200229 @2359 Hrs. 12. Identifiers will be available a day prior to start of tournament. 13. Submit Payment to me: via PayPal and send as Friends/Family.
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Ricado Borrego
Ricado BorregoR. Borrego
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Jeff CollinsJ. Collins
Pat Hanning
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Calvin HarrisC. Harris
Spencer Peacher
Spencer PeacherS. Peacher