Texas Kayak Bassacre - TEST DO NOT ENTER

Bastrop , TX
October 19th 6:00 am - October 19th 2:00 pm Central, 2019 • 1 Day Tourney

$40 entry fee $10 off if you bring a kids pole.  If you are bringing a kids pole send me a message for your $10 off coupon before you register. I will be keeping track of who is bringing a kid pole an if you say you are bringing one an you don't and you used the coupon to get a cheaper entry fee you will be disqualified with out a refund. All kid poles are being donated to Fin Addict Angler Foundation.  We will be having a $10 side pot for biggest Bass that will be a cash entry an pay out.

PayPal account: alamobassinryan@gmail.com

Liability release and license requirement

*Each participant must agree to sign a liability release form at the day of the event before participating. this will be done in the morning prior to launch time.

*Each participant must have a valid fishing license for 2019 Issued by the Texas Department of wildlife. 

Kayak requirements

*No gas or electric motors of any kind Will be allowed for the duration of the event.

*Vessel types allowed are kayaks and stand up paddle boards that are moved by human power.

*Fishing from the dock or the bank During the event is not permitted. All fish caught for the tournament must be done in the Approved vessel.

Official check in.

*A captain's meeting will be held the night before the tournament. This meeting is mandatory for all registered anglers to attend. The meeting is to bring awareness of the TKB Tournament rules and regulations and to check every angler in. This is also where all anglers will receive their Tournament identifier for photos submitted for judging.

*If for some reason, you are unable to attend the captain's meeting the night prior to the tournament, you must contact A TKB Tournament official and let them know of your situation, and you will be placed on a list of attendees for the secondary captain's meeting that will be held 1 hour prior to first cast the day of the tournament.

*No check-in will be required on tournament morning unless you are on the Secondary captians meeting list. There will be an official First Cast time that anglers may not fish prior to. Fishing prior to the official First Cast time will result in disqualification. At check-in, all kayaks shall identify themselves by means of the TKB identifier and proceed immediately to the designated Photo Finish.

Fishing Hours an Area

*Tournament waters shall be established by the TKB Tournament Officials for the tournament. Each competitor must obtain this information from the TKB Tournament event page, any restrictions will be discussed during Captain's Meeting the night prior to the tournament. Any water within these boundaries posted “Off-Limits” or “No Fishing” by state or federal agencies will be OFF LIMITS, regardless of official tournament boundaries. Only water open to ALL public fishing will be considered tournament waters.

*Competitors may only launch at PUBLIC launch points accessible to all other competitors. It does not have to be a paved boat ramp, but it must be publicly accessible land. No trespassing onto private property.

*The tournament will be at least 8 hours allowing for roadrunner starts at the beginning of the tournament.  Members may launch from any public access point on the tournament lake with legal access.  Trailering to/from the registration and check-in site is permitted.

Safety regulations 


*An approved PFD must be worn at all times during the tournament. Failure to comply with safety rules will be grounds for immediate disqualification. Safety is a number one priority and participants will be observed throughout the day by tournament officials to verify compliance.

*All vessels must meet minimum safety standards outlined by both state and federal governing organizations. Failure to comply can result in ejection from the event and possible fines to be assessed by TPWD. 

*An emergency contact number will be provided at the pre-tournament meeting by the Tournament Official for participants to use in case of an emergency for the duration of the event.


*The preferred tournament measuring board is the “Hog Trough”, but other brands of measuring devices can be used. It is required that you bring any other measuring devices to the pre-tournament meeting for a “courtesy” check for accuracy. At any time, a tournament official may request your measuring board for verification. Each participant must have their own measuring device and cannot share with other anglers.

*Stringers or any other method of fish retention is not permitted. TKB is designated as a CPR (catch photo and release) event and the health and safety of the fish caught should always be considered.

*Photos submitted to the tournament board for judging will be closely inspected to prevent a single fish from being counted more than once for scoring.

*Tournament waters will be considered off limits as of 6:00pm on October 18th until take off at safe light October 19th.

*All participants will be required to attend the captains meeting to be held on October 18th at a location determined by the Tournament Officials.

*Drug or alcohol use by participants or tournament staff is prohibited during the event and the Tournament Officials will immediately disqualify any person suspected of violating this rule.


*No bait either consisting of or being made from a living organism will be permitted. NO live bait.

*Artificial lures are required to be used during all tournament hours.

*No snagging, cast nets, jug lines or limb lines may be used.

*Trolling is permissible, however, only one line may be in tow from the vessel at any time while towing.


*Fish to be considered for judging are required to have been caught within the waters designated as legal fishing waters by the Tournament Officials and during legal catching hours of the event.

*Species of Bass that will be legal for submission are restricted to Largemouth Bass only.

*All fish caught by anglers are to be CPR and then immediately returned to the water unharmed. Texas has some of the best fisheries in the US and this is partly contributed to the level of angler care and education seen in our fine fisherman.

*This will be a 5 fish limit tournament.

*Fish must be 14” an above to qualify.


*All participant fish submissions will be judged to the nearest ¼” rounding down when required.

*It is highly recommended that each participant highlight the markings on their measuring board to at least the ¼” mark resolution. A Black Sharpie works wonderfully for this.

*Competitors must use their own measuring device (no sharing)

*All fish pictures submitted for judging must have the fish facing to the left with the dorsal fin on top of the picture. The fish must have a closed mouth and the mouth must be touching the measuring board “stop”, the tail fin can be “pinched” and will be scored to the nearest ¼” it crosses.

*Any photo submitted which does not meet the scoring criteria can and will be disqualified by a tournament official. Be sure you have read and understood the picture requirements prior to take off on the day of the tournament.

*Tournament staff may check your device at any time.

 *If the judge cannot clearly see the markings, that fish will not be scored. At a minimum 1?4 inch increments need to be visible.

No Submissions To Show