BKA The Bluegrass Kayak Classic @ Cave Run Lake Presented By: Jackson Kayak

Morehead, KY
October 14th 6:00 am - October 15th 6:45 pm Eastern, 2017 • Multi-Day Tournament

Cave Run Lake - Morehead, KY

Saturday & Sunday, October 14 & 15 2017

Our season ending event has grown substantially over the last couple of years and it has continued to get even bigger this year! We are pleased to announce the Kentucky Kayak Classic @ Cave Run Lake. This event will be the largest event we have held to date. 1st place will receive a guaranteed $2,500, the highest out of state finisher will receive a $150 bounty! At the same time there will be a Bluegrass Kayak Anglers Social event on Cave Run Lake where one lucky BKA member will win a brand new Hobie Kayak!

-Friday~Oct. 13th 6:00pm to 8:00pm at Pop's Southern Style BBQ we will be hanging out at Pops for BBQ and they have offered 20% off your order for that evening. Come hang out and talk fishing with us.

-Saturday~Oct. 14th Morning Tournament Registration begins at 6:00am to 6:45am, tokens will be distributed and fishing begins at 7:00. Afternoon check in at 4:00pm. Go grab a bite to eat and hang out in Morehead then come back for the Day 1 wrap up, awards and Day 2 token distribution at 7:00pm.

-Sunday~Oct. 15th You may get on the water no earlier than 7:00am, Lines in at 7:30am. Check in 4:00pm with awards at 5:00pm.


-Friday @ Pops Southern Style BBQ, 110 KY HWY 801 S., Morehead, KY 40351

-Saturday @ Morehead Convention Center, 111 East First Street, Morehead, KY 40351

-Sunday @ Morehead Convention Center, 111 East First Street, Morehead, KY 40351

We encourage everyone to come to the Day 1 recap at 7:00pm!

Awards, Kayak Giveaways and other giveways from our Social sponsor Strictly Sail Inc. Cincinnati will begin at 5:00pm Sunday at the Convention Center.

If you are not fishing the tournament you are encouraged to get on the water, hike one of the many lakeside trails or any of the numerous things to see and do in Morehead! (http://www.moreheadtourism.com/explore/)

for more information visit: https://bluegrasskayakanglers.com/cave-run-lake-morehead-ky/

For lodging information please visit: https://moreheadtourism.com/sleep/hotels/

Launch Points:

Including, but not limited to:

Scott Creek Boat Ramp

Alfrey Boat Ramp

Warix Run Boat Ramp

Clay Lick Boat Ramp

Leatherwood Boat Ramp

Long Bow Boat Ramp

Bangor Boat Ramp

Poppin' Rock Boat Ramp

Twentysix Boat Ramp


Morning Registration / Afternoon Check-in Site:

Morning registration will be held at the Morehead Convention Center

111 E. First Street

Morehead, KY  40351

Morning Registration / Afternoon Check-in Hours:

Registration on Day 1of the Kentucky Kayak Classic will begin at 6:00am at the Morehead Convention Center and will close at 6:45am. At 7:00am, all anglers will receive their tokens and fishing will commence immediately after that. Afternoon check-in deadline is 4:00pm.

Cost: Entry fee for this event is $70. If you are not already an ACA (American Canoe Association) member then there is a mandatory $5 insurance fee. If you are not a BKA member there is a $5 Tourney-X fee. At each event there will always be an optional $5 Big Bass Pot.

Anglers: 57
Fish Caught: 228
RkAnglerDay 1Day 2Total
Day 1: 45.25"Day 2: 46.75"
Tony Hobbs
TourneyX Tony HobbsT. Hobbs
Day 1: 42.5"Day 2: 47"
Corey Lykins
Corey LykinsC. Lykins
Day 1: 43.25"Day 2: 41.25"
Brian Slone
TourneyX Brian SloneB. Slone
Day 1: 51.5"Day 2: 30.75"
Thomas Williams
TourneyX Thomas WilliamsT. Williams
Day 1: 37.75"Day 2: 44"
Josh Cooper
Josh CooperJ. Cooper
Day 1: 40.75"Day 2: 39.75"
Cory Bradshaw
Cory BradshawC. Bradshaw
Day 1: 41"Day 2: 37.75"
Michael Kroeger
Michael KroegerM. Kroeger
Day 1: 35.5"Day 2: 42.5"
James himel
TourneyX James HimelJ. Himel
Day 1: 37"Day 2: 40.75"
Matthew Schaefer
TourneyX Matthew SchaeferM. Schaefer
Day 1: 32"Day 2: 43.5"
Mark Ferguson
Mark FergusonM. Ferguson
Day 1: 38.5"Day 2: 33.75"
Joe Ruwoldt
TourneyX Joe RuwoldtJ. Ruwoldt
Day 1: 29.75"Day 2: 38.5"
Steve Nagle
Steve NagleS. Nagle
Day 1: 35.25"Day 2: 32"
Bradford Thomasson
TourneyX Bradford ThomassonB. Thomasson
Day 1: 35.25"Day 2: 31.75"
T.J. Strong
TourneyX T.J. StrongT. Strong
Day 1: 35.5"Day 2: 31"
Eric Siddiqi
TourneyX Eric SiddiqiE. Siddiqi
Day 1: 33"Day 2: 30.75"
AJ Mcwhorter
TourneyX AJ McwhorterA. Mcwhorter
Day 1: 33"Day 2: 26.5"
Aaron Musick
Aaron MusickA. Musick
Day 1: 43.5"Day 2: 13.75"
James McFarland
James McFarlandJ. McFarland
Day 1: 11.25"Day 2: 45.5"
Bryce PatrickB. Patrick
Day 1: 30.25"Day 2: 25.25"
Wayne Greyling
Wayne GreylingW. Greyling
Day 1: 21.25"Day 2: 34.25"
Lloyd Mize
Lloyd MizeL. Mize
Day 1: 29.75"Day 2: 25.25"
Michael Mabry
Michael MabryM. Mabry
Day 1: 33.25"Day 2: 19.25"
Kurt Smits
TourneyX Kurt SmitsK. Smits
Day 1: 19.25"Day 2: 31.5"
Brian Tacy
TourneyX Brian TacyB. Tacy
Day 1: 20.5"Day 2: 30.25"

Daily Big Fish

Oct 14th, 2017
Brian Slone
Brian SloneB. SloneGreenup, KY
Oct 15th, 2017
Rebakah Goodpaster
Rebakah GoodpasterR. GoodpasterMt.Sterling