Lake + River Smallmouth Bash!!

January 11th 8:30 am - January 19th 12:55 am Eastern, 2020 • Custom
This is an ice breaker tournament for us all to knock the rust off after the Holidays! This tournament will be nationwide and will fall on the second saturday of January till the following saturday at midnight. 5 best fish.... Entry fee is $30. $5 tourneyx and $25 in the pot

Rules for Smallie Smash Tournament -

• All watercraft is legal …(boats,kayaks,tubes,etc)

• Submissions are preferred on a Hog trough measuring board or Ketch board…standard measuring boards are still acceptable. Tape measures are acceptable too.

• Minimum fish length is 12 inches

• Nationwide Tournament 

• 5 Fish

Night fishing is legal

!!!Smallmouth Bass only

Nationwide Tournament!

• Good Luck and Have Fun!!!

The Tournament is currently OFFLINE pending Final Results.