Trout Tournament (Rainbow Trout) 2

January 18th 7:00 am - January 19th 12:59 am Eastern, 2020 • Custom


For those who remember me and my old tournaments nice to see y'all again, for those new to my tournaments it's nice to see y'all too, I'm back, yes I've made some changes, and all changes are final to be fair to All Anglers.

TOURNAMENT: Trout Tournament (Rainbow Trout) 2
SPECIES: Rainbow Trout
ENTRY FEE: $30.00 

Fee Break Down: $20.00 for Cash Prize Pot, $5.00 goes to TourneyX, and $5.00 goes to PayPal an I get what left from the five from PayPal.




*Must follow the Regulations and Limits the body of water you are Fishing as well*

• Identifiers must be in photo, if it is not in
the photo that fish is disqualified.
Identifer can be written on hand if
needed. (Picture (A) is Correct, Picture (B) is no longer acceptable.).
• Tournament Boards recommended, but
not necessarily, will accept Tape
Measure, and if you use a Tailoring Tape
Measure both ends of it need to be held. (kayakers yes paddles with rulers are acceptable)
• Fishing from Bank, Boat, Canoe, Kayak,
Pier, and UFO is allowed if its legal for the body of water fishing.
• Fish Mouth most be closed, allowance halfway open, anything pass that will get a penalty of .5 inch deduction, and the deduction will be final.
• Please respect other anglers.
• Fish only legal bodies of water.
• Finally if you receive 3 penalties you will be disqualified from Tournament.

Also stay safe, follow all Regulations,
Tourneyx, 909fishingtourney are not
liable for anything that might happen, and by joining this Tournament you agree.
Fish at your own risk.

Thank you and Tight Lines,
Richard Yates

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