WKFC 2019 August 3rd - August 18th Tournament

August 3rd 12:00 am - August 18th 11:59 pm Central, 2019 • Custom

August 3rd, 2019 12:00 A.M - August 18th, 2019 11:59 P.M Central

This will be Wisconsin Kayak Fishing Club fourth and final online tournament of the year. This will be a two-week long event with a 5 fish limit, total length wins.

Registration Fees: $30.00 per person
with the registration fee...

$5.00 per person goes towards using TouneyX

$2.00 per person goes towards PayPal Fee

Payout depending on the number of participants. 

1-10 anglers First place 100%
11 -20 anglers First:70% Second:30% 

21-30 anglers  First:70% Second:20% Third:10%

31-40 anglers First:65% Second:20% Third:10% Fourth:5%

41-50 anglers First:60%  Second:15% Third:10% Fourth:5% Fifth:2.5%

Tourney Rules

*This is only for anyone fishing in Wisconsin. 

* Artificial Lures Only

* Kayak needs to be visible in picture

* PFD must be worn at all time (Picture shown with angler not wearing their PFD will result of the fish being disqualify.)

*You can fish wherever you are "Allowed" No private waters no trespassing. 

* Large mouth and Small mouth bass

Measuring Rules: 

1.       Two allow measuring boards

a.       Hawg Trough Measuring board

b.       Ketch Measuring board

c.       All line must be mark with a marker so we are able to see the length, if there are no line, we will go with the length that we think we see

2.       When taking a picture of your fish 

a.       The fish head must be facing left and the tail to the right

b.       The fish should not be upside down

c.       Mouth must be fully close (having the fish mouth open could result of deduction of the length)

d.       Do not cover the fish’s eye

e.       If you are taking a picture of a fish at an angle and we can not determine if the fish mouth is open and/or touching the board it will result in an automatically DQ of that fish

f.        If mouth is open more than a 1/4, 1-inch deduction will be occurred.


g.       Your identifier must be shown in all the fish submitted, not being able to read the code will result of an automatic DQ of the fish.

h.       The tail of the fish may be pinch

i.         This is a kayak tournament only no canoe or other watercraft, part of the kayak must be visible within the picture

1.       Identifier

a.       The identifier will be available on tourneyX website, it’ll be available the day before the tournament. It is required for you to print it out and have it shown clearly on each photo you take

b.       TourneyX provides you with a tourney code that you will need to write it on the identifier. No writing on hands or other piece of paper

c.       Both the identifier and the unique code from tourneyX needs to be visible and easily readable. Not being able to see the code will result of an automatically DQ of the fish. 


$30 per person

Must pay before the start of the first tournament this year

Angler of the Year takes all

Only AOY participant goes against each other for points

Online: AOY Points

1st place = 30

2nd place = 29

3rd place = 28

4th place = 27

5th place = 26

6th place = 25

and so on to the last person if you didn't catch any fish you will get 5 points lower than the person who received the least amount of points

Any placement under 6th place gets 5

Live: AOY Points

1st place = 60

2nd place = 59

3rd place = 58

4th place = 57

5th place = 56

6th place = 55

and so on  to the the last person if you didn't catch any fish 5 points lower than the person who received the least amount of points

For AOY we will take your best two out of three from the live event and your best three out of four  from the online tournament.


Top 5 from the AOY will qualify to fish for the Crossroads Kayak Bass Team Classic to represent The Wisconsin Kayak Fishing Club


*Judges make final decision if you don't agree you can contact them. 

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The Tournament is currently OFFLINE pending Final Results.
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