WVKA 2019 MLF 4hr #1 Challenge-3

West Virginia
September 21st 6:30 am - September 23rd 11:30 am Eastern, 2019 • Dusk Till Dawn X2


Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass Only

2 Day To choose a 4 hour Tournament

Saturday 9/21/2019 0630-1030

Sunday 9/22/2019 0630-1030

You will choose your dates when registering on TourneyX... After you register, you are locked in and cannot change so choose wisely 

Cost $20.00  This will be on TourneyX as an Individually scored event... we will calculate team scores at the end of the event manually.


INDIVIDUAL - In this division anglers compete singly. The way the Individual division is scored is simply the total of the angler's catches over a 4 hour period.... no limit...

TEAM – This two-person team division is to help promote camaraderie among participants which shows what this pastime is all about – getting on the water with friends to have a good time!

The way the Team Angler division is scored is simply a combination of the two angler's (WVKA Registered Teams) fish total. Anglers don't have to fish together, but it is encouraged that they do.

NOTE:  Team totals will be calculated at end of the event based on Registered #WVKA teams and posted via facebook and other social media formats


At the conclusion of the tournament, WVKA officials will judge and verify the submitted fish, once completed, winning competitors will be contacted for payment.  Payout  is TOP 3 of each division using 5 dollars per entry...   see breakdown below


Awards are given to the top three (3) Individual Anglers and Top Three (3) Teams who accumulate points based on catches (in length) of  (Largemouth or SmallMouth) for this specific event listed.  Award type (plaque, trophy, or medallion) will be base on participation levels and will be provided to the winners at the WVKA awards banquet event at the end of the year, in October.


This tournament is worth up to 150 points for the winners towards . the WVKA Angler and Team Challenge Championship 2019 Competition 

Where the money goes:  100% goes back to the Anglers

Entry Fees $20.00

TourneyX        $5.00 Per Entry                                                                Prize Pool:     $10.00 per entry   ($5.00 each division)            Online Angler of the Year Champion       $1.50 per entry  Online Team of the Year Champions        $1.50 per entry Awards                                                                       $2.00 Per entry

**Team data will be tallied at end of tournament and posted via facebook....  To be qualified for team challenge championship you must be a part of a #WVKA registered team.

The Tournament is currently OFFLINE pending Final Results.