Pro Staff at TourneyX

Amanda Brannon

A determined tournament angler, a fierce competitor, and a passionate sportsman. Amanda Brannon is a true Outdoor Ambassador. Being raised in South Carolina by parents that embraced the outdoor lifestyle Amanda was born to be a sportsman. Hunting, fishing, camping, and hiking weren't just hobbies and pastimes but rather were a way of life. Being a mother of two boys that also share her fondness for the outdoors furthered her interest and involvement in outdoor sports.

Now married to her husband and tournament partner she continues to advance her knowledge and has taken it to the next level by competing in online and Trail events as well as competing in local events with Yak-A-Bass Norcal.

Matthew Brannon

Matthew Brannon is a versatile tournament fisherman that has honed his bass fishing skills throughout various areas of the country. Being a military service member has allowed Matthew to live in different parts of the United States and develop various regional techniques that have helped him become a more well rounded angler. 

Matthew has been a part of the kayak fishing community since 2010 and fishes various trails, club events, and online challenges hosted by, Yak-A-Bass NorCal, and Bass-N-Tubes.

Often joined on the water by his wife, Amanda, the couple can be found fishing, camping, and hunting together throughout the year as they collect content for their YouTube Channel and upcoming Blog page.

Addison Johnson

Addison Johnson is an avid kayak tournament angler, and also a touring country music recording artist.  His latest album debuted at #11 on the iTunes Country charts.  Addison has many accolades in fishing, as well, and has now launched a successful blog,, where he brings us the latest industry updates from the pros.  He also combines his work in music with the fishing industry by performing at various tournaments across the country, including FLW championships.

Marty Hughes

An avid kayak angler since 1998 fishing the waters of Nebraska. 
Owner and Guide for Kayakjak's Outfitters, Administrator for
Auburn Schools and live in Auburn, Nebraska